Time off work and surgery

Time off work and surgery

“So when can I go back to work?”

Patients who undergo short, minimally invasive breast and body surgeries (augmentation or liposuction), may be able to go back to work at two weeks or sooner if they have a sedentary job. The same surgery in a patient who is very physical at work may require up to six weeks before returning to all aspects of their job.

Surgeries that are more invasive and longer usually require a longer recovery before returning to work. For surgeries such as breast reduction or abdominoplasty, four to six weeks may be needed depending on expectations at work.

For facial rejuvenation, while someone may feel up to return to work early, the “ugly duckling” phase of bruising or swelling may prevent some from returning to work when their procedures may be more obvious in the early stages. Surgery involving rejuvenating the eyes may cause temporary visual fatigue or even some vision changes which may be exacerbated by computer use or reading, even if the work is not physically demanding.

One thing to remember, and I say this from personal experience, is that if you are at work, it is human nature to assume you are fully capable and able to work. Your co-workers will only see how you look, but not necessarily be aware of how you feel. The first full day of work may be exhausting. If there is flexibility, starting with a half day to see how you feel is helpful. Typically, returning to work before you are ready can lengthen your recovery overall, and lead to dissatisfaction.

Rest, it’s doctor’s orders.